Artel Compact Pellet Boiler Mod. 20AC

Compact Self Cleaning Pellet Boiler Stove with Ash Compactor




App, Remote, Thermostat






832 x 780 x 1246

Modulating pump

Wi-Fi optional

LCD Display

Ceramic resistance

Self Cleaning

Ash Compactor

Artel has been producing and trading stoves, thermo-stoves, air and hydro inserts, pellet hermetic stoves and pellet boilers for 40 years.

All products guarantee top performances and significant savings in consumption up to 60% compared to the use of traditional fuels.

Comes with remote PDA for pellet stoves and thermostoves, with chronothermostat for switching the stove on, off and adjusting it remotely.
Equipped with an LCD display, touchscreen keys and an easy and intuitive menu, it communicates by sending and receiving data from your stove, simplifying the daily management operations of your heating system.
The remote PDA is equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to detect and control the temperature of the environment in the exact position in which the remote control is located.
All the functions of your stove managed in the comfort and convenience of remote PDA.



  • Mounting plate brazier
  • Mobile grid for automatic cleaning
  • Motor to move the grid

The self-cleaning brazier always ensures a perfect clean, of both the primary and secondary air passage necessary for combustion, both during ignition and during normal operation of the boiler.

The moving grate cleans the burn pot base without turning off the boiler. In this way the user will have to periodically clean the combustion chamber and will not need to manually clean the brazier before each use, as is the case for standard boilers with braziers.

Ash Compactor

The compactor comprises a screw conveyor for the removal of ash and a case for the collection of the ashes.
The biggest advantage of the case is that the end user no longer has the task of periodically emptying the ash pan, but need only to control the case and empty it when it is completely filled, the wheels facilitate the move operation.
Combined with the self-cleaning of the burn pot system, the rugged case greatly reduces the user’s responsibility to clean.