Artel Ermetica 98 Elite Mod. 8

High Efficiency Pellet Stove




App, Remote, Thermostat


Black, Bordeaux, Dove, Green, Rust, White




524 x 533 x 991

Artel is proud of 40 years’ experience in the home comfort sector. Everywhere in the world, in every climate condition, Artel creates the best environmental wellbeing.

Artel has been producing and trading stoves, thermo-stoves, air and hydro inserts, pellet hermetic stoves and pellet boilers for 40 years. All products guarantee top performances and significant savings in consumption up to 60% compared to the use of traditional fuels.

Comes with remote PDA for pellet stoves and thermostoves, with chronothermostat for switching the stove on, off and adjusting it remotely.
Equipped with an LCD display, touchscreen keys and an easy and intuitive menu, it communicates by sending and receiving data from your stove, simplifying the daily management operations of your heating system.
The remote PDA is equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to detect and control the temperature of the environment in the exact position in which the remote control is located.
All the functions of your stove managed in the comfort and convenience of remote PDA