Dru – Maestro 105/2 Eco Wave

The ultimate 2-sided gas fire

The Maestro 105/2 Eco Wave is a 2-sided corner gas fire with the very finest log fire display. There is a choice of striking interior finishes and the option of Clear View glass for an authentic open fire look. The Easy release door system allows you to open the glass from the top or side for ease of access.


LPG, Nat Gas


Nat Gas: 2.5-10.3kW / LPG: 2.6 – 10.5kW




Dru Eco Wave App

This built in corner fire with a 2-sided view of the flames is deservedly the ultimate fire: available in left-hand or right-hand versions, a second burner that switches on/off, drop down front window, various interior finishes available, optional anti-reflective glass and a sturdy log set.
– Can be built in tightly and without a frame
– Custom made frame available
– The unique easy release door system
– Various interior finishes
– Can be wall mounted or suspended