DRU – Maestro 60/2 Tall Eco Wave

This two-sided fire has a glass window on the left or right, depending on what look best suits your living room. The unique Dynamic Flame Burner provides a naturally high fire which you can regulate entirely yourself.


LPG, Nat Gas


Nat Gas: 1.9 – 7.2kW / LPG: 1.1 – 7.3kW



The Maestro 60/2 Tall Eco Wave is the ideal fireplace for the whole year. Because of the possibility to let the fire burn at low power, it can always be adapted to the season. The spacious fire view means that you can enjoy an intense fire experience all year round. The Easy release door system makes the fire easy to maintain and clean.
– Full control over fire and heat output
– Various interiors available
– Can be built in tight and frameless
– Beautiful glow effect at the bottom of the fireplace