Dru – Maestro 60 Tall Eco Wave

A fire with wide fire view

The Maestro 60 Tall Eco Wave is a fire with a wide fire view. This gives you the ultimate fire experience. Because of the option to let the fire burn at low power, this fire is widely applicable. The Maestro 60 Tall Eco Wave is also fitted with the updated Easy release door system, making the fire easy to clean. The optional Clear View (anti-reflective) glass makes the fire experience even more intense!


LPG, Nat Gas


Nat Gas: 1.9 – 7.2kW / LPG: 1.1 – 7.3kW



The Maestro 60 Tall Eco Wave is a real asset to your interior. The high fire and the high glass window ensure a cosy atmosphere and experience. If you choose Clear Vire glass, it is as if there is no glass in front of the flames, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful fire even more.
– Adjustable heat output with continuous beautiful flames
– Also suitable for smaller living spaces
– Easy release door system for easy cleaning of the glass
– Eco Glow provides a beautiful relaxing glow