Dru – Metro 150XT Eco Wave

Utmost style and luxury

The Metro 150XT Eco Wave is 1.5 metres wide and features a fire bed of beautiful logs set off by a border of Carrara stones. The interior is in mirrored Ceraglass, creating added visual depth to the flame picture. It has a generous heat output of 10.8 kW with an impressive efficiency rating of 78%, far superior to ordinary gas fires.


LPG, Nat Gas


Nat. Gas: 5.9 -10.8kW / LPG: 5.3 – 11.1kW



Special features of these extra-wide fires are the realistic log sets and the unique burners, with flames that zigzag across the entire width and depth of the fires.
– Unique flame pattern
– Available with various interior finishes
– Choose from the various  fire beds