Gallery Collection Krypton Basket

Fire basket

Available in a black or polished finish

No back: 530(W) x 265(D) x 190(H)

With Back: 530(W) x 265(D) x 230(H)


Black, Polished


NO BACK: 530(W) x 265(D) x 190(H), WITH BACK: 530(W) x 265(D) x 230(H)

Fire baskets are an eye catching addition to any fireplace with options for solid fuel (wood, coal), gas, and electric.
All our fire baskets are suitable for burning solid fuel, however polished and highlighted products may tarnish. When burning solid fuel it is recommended that you choose a black finish.

In most scenarios it will be necessary to fit a chamber, slip set and back panel with your fireplace.