The Loxton 5 from the Mendip Collection

The Loxton 5 pictured in black with cast iron door and large glass window.
Available with optional logstore






606 x 510 x 320

The clean lines of the Loxton cast iron door and large glass window open the fire box to the room. The easy to operate single air control make adjustment simple and the latest three-flow clean burn air system allows for a more complete combustion.

The Loxton is available in a large range of outputs from 3.2 to 10kW, so you can easily match the output to your room. The Loxton has been built with efficiency in mind, its construction incorporates many of the latest combustion techniques to ensure that your stove burns wood and registered smokeless fuels efficiently and cleanly.

Its pre-heated secondary air wash not only washes over the glass to help keep it clean and free of deposits but also feeds air directly into the heart of the fire. Its tertiary air aids post combustion of flue gases so your stove burns cleanly and uses as much energy from your fuel as possible.

Cast iron door
Cast iron grates
Closed combustion
Single air control
Milled stainless steel handle

Dimensions/ H x W x D
Freestanding:606 x 510 x 320

kW Output Range: 4 to 9 kW

Efficiency: 81%