Dru Maestro 80/3 Eco Wave

The ultimate panoramic fire


LPG, Nat Gas


Nat. Gas: 1.4 – 9.0kW / LPG: 1.3 – 7.7kW



Maestro 80/3 Eco Wave is an 80 cms wide 3-sided gas fire with a spectacular log fire display featuring high, dense flames. There is a choice of stunning interior finishes in black or mirrored Ceraglass and the option of Clear View glass for a reflection-free view. Control is by the unique DRU Eco Wave app for smartphone or tablet.
Because the Dynamic Flame Burner is incorporated into wood logs that are indistinguishable from the real ones, the flames surround the wood logs just like in a real fire.
–  Three high windows
–  Optional Clear View glass
– Can be built in without a frame
– Wide output range
– Very high efficiency