Fortafix Flexseal Black Silicone


Heat Resistant Silicone

  • Fortafix Flexseal FR Silicone Sealant is a one-part silicone sealant formulated to provide a high degree of fire resistance in a variety of joint configurations.
  • It has been independently tested and achieves in certain joint configurations an integrity and insulation value in excess of 4 hours.
  • Flexseal FR has excellent unprimed adhesion to most building components and is suitable for sealing a wide range of construction and expansion joints in buildings, where compartmentalisation within the building is required to control spread of fire.
  • It cross links at room temperature to give a flexible low modulus seal which will withstand movement of 25% in constant service throughout a wide temperature range.
  • Suitable for Glass, Anodised and Mill Finished Aluminium, Steel, St.Steel, rigid PVC, Concrete and other porous surfaces.
  • Once cured, the sealant offers superb long-term resistance to heat and fire as well as all other general weather elements